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Simple HTML tutorial. Basics, tables, etc. Text converter; long string of capital letters, need to convert text to lower case, whatever, just copy text, paste text, and convert text.


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About this tutorial. What's next?
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  In the beginning...   Making your text look good   Positioning your text on the page   Adding images   to other pages and web sites   eBooks.
Free templates
What next?


I have been building web sites for many years.
This does make it difficult for me to see things through the eyes of a newcomer.
I hope that I have adequately addressed this problem in this simple tutorial.

Good Luck


What next?
If you wish to progress further.

Style Sheets
The Great Divide:
Some go down the graphics path to Flash.
Others, may become good at construction.

Probably the most popular web development tool.
Links up with Fireworks to produce optimised graphics.

Avoid Dreamweaver seminars.
Unless you are after free trial versions.
These sessions are mainly hype.
The same sales phrases may be repeated some
twenty times to every tiny piece of useful info.

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